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Charity Committee for Orphans Care (Ensan)
Rank: 4
Country: KSA
Revenue ($): 60,916,544
Spending on Charity ($): 48,719,850


Focusing its efforts towards promoting the importance of emergency aid, Ensan garnered the attention of Prince Salman Bin Abdulaziz in Riyadh whose involvement led to the successful launch and establishment of the charity in 1998. The charity’s focal point is orphans. Mainly, the organization provides sponsors for children without a proper home. Additionally, the charity provides children and adults with proper nutrition, clean accommodation, education and life skills as well as adequate medical care. The charity also implements social and cultural programs. The charity’s overall aim is to raise and prepare a new generation of orphans so they can become significant contributors to their society. In 2011, the Ensan charity achieved a total income of $60.9 million of which $48.7 million was spent on a range of charitable causes. The number of orphans that received assistance last year reached 37,592 in 8,274 families.

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